1. adv оскорбительно, нагло, грубо

he spoke rudely to him — он грубо говорил с ним

2. adv примитивно, топорно

rudely made — примитивно сделанный

3. adv сильно; резко, внезапно

I was rudely interrupted — меня резко прервали

4. adv приблизительно, грубо

estimated rudely — грубо подсчитанный

Синонимический ряд:
1. roughly (adj.) abruptly; bluntly; brutally; grimly; harshly; loudly; powerfully; roughly; sternly
2. angrily (other) abruptly; angrily; annoyed; huffy; in a huff; insulted; offended
3. discourteously (other) discourteously; impertinently; impolitely; ungraciously; unmannerly
4. nearly (other) about; all but; almost; approximately; as good as; just about; more or less; most; much; nearly; nigh; practically; roughly; round; roundly; say; some; somewhere; well-nigh

English-Russian base dictionary . 2014.

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